The Optoelectronics Company

The Optoelectronics Company is a manufacturer of custom-designed and standard laser diode modules and laser diode collimators. It is also a supplier of innovative optoelectronic components, including USHIO (Oclaro Opnext) laser diodes and Panasonic lenses, to the industrial, medical, telecommunications and defence markets in the UK, Europe and USA.

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USHIO OPTO has surplus stock of some very high Ushio Optoperformance laser diodes which we are able to offer you at extremely attractive prices while stocks last. List of diodes HERE.
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Ushio Opto Semiconductors Inc has acquired the Industrial and Consumer Laser Diode and LED business of Oclaro (ex Opnext, ex Hitachi).

They say "USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. provides optical devices such as laser diodes and light-emitting diodes, utilizing unique laser technologies and manufacturing expertise. The product line-ups cover a wide range including high power red multi-beam laser diodes for high-end multi-function office printers, red laser diodes for medical and measurement applications, violet laser diodes for exposure equipment, high power red laser diodes for displays, and infrared emitting diodes for optical encoders."
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New USHIO Red Laser Diodes Home in on Laser TV and Laser Projection

Oclaro HL63193MG laser diodeThe Optoelectronics Company is delighted to announce that USHIO’s high power HL63193MG laser diode is now in mass production. The AlGaInP HL63193MG is a multi-transverse mode laser diode with TM mode oscillation in a 5.6mm diameter tiny TO package. It offers a massive 700mW optical output power at a typical centre lasing wavelength of 638nm. read more ...

Laser Modules Given Direct Green Light by the Optoelectronics Company

520nm green laser diode modulesThe Optoelectronics Company has launched a range of direct emission 520nm green laser diode modules which offer OEMs and system integrators a realistic, cost and energy-efficient alternative to low-tech DPSS green laser modules. read more ...

High Power 633nm Red Laser Diode Poised to Smash He-Ne Gas Laser Market

Oclaro HL63163DG laser diodeThe USHIO HL63163DG, a tiny red laser diode that delivers 100mW single-transverse-mode optical output power at 633nm,presents system designers with a long-awaited and realistic alternative to large, expensive and wasteful He-Ne gas lasers. read more ...

Tiny Super-Bright USHIO Laser Diode Developed for Laser-Based Displays

OCLARO HL63153AT is a tiny red laser diodeThe USHIO HL63153AT is a tiny red laser diode that delivers 150mW single-transverse-mode optical output power at 638nm, which is 25% more power than its predecessors. This is currently the highest single-transverse-mode optical output power at a red wavelength available on the market. read more ...

New Range Of Tiny, Space-Saving Laser Diode Modules

11mm laser diode moduleWith a diameter of only 11 mm, the laser modules are ergonomically designed with a small form factor for integration into a wide range of applications such as industrial and medical alignment, low level laser therapy, inspection and sensing where a tiny package is essential to fit into very compact spaces. read more ...

New High Power Laser Diode with Internal Monitor Photodiode

OPnext HL63142DG laser diodeUSHIO’s HL63142DG high power red laser diode is the first ever high power laser diode to offer an inbuilt monitor photodiode at a lasing wavelength of 637nm. It has a unique design which enables system designers to control optical power output by monitoring the photodiode current and adjusting power variants and temperature for precise control and constant performance. read more ...

New laser diode collimators

laser diode collimator

New range of laser diode collimators is designed for OEMs, end-users and systems integrators in applications such as industrial and automotive alignment, medical alignment, positioning and sensing, machine vision, industrial instrumentation and targeting. read more ...



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