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blue violet laser diodes

USHIO blue violet laser diodes (404nm - 405nm)

USHIO OPTO manufactures high performance blue violet laser diodes at 404 - 405nm and optical output powers to 1000mW max. These are industrial quality, reliable blue violet laser diodes offering high powers and low operating currents, long lifetimes and energy efficiency. All USHIO OPTO laser diodes are RoHS compliant.

Applications supported include: 3D Printing, Direct Imaging, Medical and Biomedical, Displays, Defence & Security, Machine Control, Measurement, Semiconductor Manufacturing.

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featured product : USHIO HL40071MG high power single mode violet laser diode

The HL40071MG is a violet lasing 405nm 300mW single mode laser diode in a 5.6mm package,50mA threshold current, operating current of 280mA, operating voltage 6.0V, 6 degrees beam divergence parallel to the junction, 15 degrees beam divergence perpendicular to the junction, laser diode reverse voltage of 2V and operating temperature of 0 to +70 degrees C.Applications include Bio and Medical, Measurement and 3D Printing.


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USHIO OPTO blue violet laser diodes : major characteristics

λ (nm)
Output Power
po (mW)
|op (mA)
HL40041MG PDF 404 150 150 3P
HL40071MG PDF 405 300 280 3P
HL40053MG PDF 398 ~ 410 400 370 LD only
HL40063MG PDF 405 600 600 LD only
HL40065MG PDF 405 600 600 2M
HL40033G PDF 405 1000 900 LD only
HL40085G PDF 405 1000 1000 M type


*: pulse optical power and pulse operation
**: exceptional cathode common
***: new product
(UD): under development