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USHIO infrared laser diodes (705nm - 852nm)

USHIO OPTO (ex Oclaro ex Opnext) manufactures a comprehensive lineup of high performance infrared laser diodes with wavelengths from 705nm to 852nm and optical output power ranges from 40mW to 50mW (typ.). These are industrial quality, reliable laser diodes offering high powers and low operating currents, long lifetimes and energy efficiency. All USHIO OPTO infrared laser diodes are RoHS compliant.

Applications supported include: Medical, Displays, Defence & Security, Machine Control, Barcode Scanning, Consumer Products, Automotive and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

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featured product : USHIO HL7001MG / HL7002MG

USHIO OPTO's new 705nm, 40mW laser diodes, HL7001MG and HL7002MG are the first ever 705nm semiconductor lasers and are suitable for biomedical light sources.

For more information, see HL7001MG/7002MG overview.

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USHIO OPTO infrared laser diodes : major characteristics

λ (nm)
Output Power
po (mW)
|op (mA)
HL7001MG PDF 705 40 75 P
HL7002MG PDF 705 40 75 N
HL7301MG PDF 730 40 75 P
HL7302MG PDF 730 40 75 N
HL8337MG PDF 830 50 75 N
HL8338MG PDF 830 50 75 P
HL8340MG PDF 852 (± 10) 50 75 N
HL8341MG PDF 852 (± 10) 50 75 P
HL8342MG PDF 852 (± 4) 50 75 N
HL8343MG PDF 852 (± 4) 50 75 P


*: pulse optical power and pulse operation
**: exceptional cathode common
***: new product
(UD): under development