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Osram blue violet laser diodes

Osram high power blue violet laser diodes (450-488nm)


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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a key player in the field of visible InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride) lasers. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offer leading product performance and innovative packaging. Thanks to their excellent beam quality, OSRAM laser diodes are ideally suited for the optical imaging of light. Not only that, but their small package size is particularly beneficial to highly compact systems, such as pico projectors. OSRAM laser diodes offer high efficiency and long lifetime: due to their excellent efficiency (ratio of light produced compared to electric power consumed), the temperature increase experienced by blue InGaN lasers during operation is kept to an absolute minimum, allowing them to deliver a long life – up to 10,000 hours at 40 °C.

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At a typical operating current of 2.2 A, the blue PLPT9 450D_E laser reaches an optical output of 3.5 W and emits blue light with a wavelength of 447 nm in a TO90 package.



including pico projection, business and cinema projection, heads-up displays.

High Luminance Illumination

including headlamps and spot illumination.

Laser Illumination

including show lasers, line lasers, dot lasers, medical, spectroscopy and light-diffusing fibre


Osram blue laser diodes : major characteristics (at Tcase 25 °C)

Part No. PL 450B PLT3 450C PLT5 450B PLT5 488 PLPT9-450D_E
Output Power (mW) 80 20 80 60 3.7W
Emission Wavelength (nm) 450 450 450 488 447
Operating Temperature (° C) -40 to +70 -20 to +70 -40 to +70 -40 to +60 -40 to +120
Typical Threshold Current (mA) 17 10 17 25 0.25
Typical Operating Voltage (V) 5.2   5.2 6.0 5.5
Package Type TO38icut TO38icut TO56 TO56* TO90

*: with integrated photo diode